Eat your Hyaluronic Acid!

If you are a skincare enthusiast, chances are that you have already heard a lot about the latest skin-plumping and moisturizing super ingredient – hyaluronic acid. You may think hyaluronic acid only comes bottled as serums and creams, but did you know it is also naturally found in your body’s tissues? It is necessary for skin cell renewal, increasing its elasticity, boosting collagen production and keeping your skin plump, soft and smooth.

Of course, there are a lot of serums and creams that are enriched with hyaluronic acid, but being skincare junkies, we always go one step further. We found out that there are certain foods that are not just high in hyaluronic acid, but also help increase its production in your body so that your skin remains soft, supple and glowing. So when you go shopping next time, be sure to include these in your cart!


Root Vegetables

Root veggies, which means all your vegetables such as turnips, carrots, potatoes, onions etc. are a rich source of hyaluronic acid. Consuming these vegetables on a regular basis will help your body produce natural hyaluronic acid to keep your skin and supple.

Including bone broth in your diet is one of the best ways to get your dose of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Bone broth is made after slow cooking chicken, beef or any other meat for up to 24 hours so that the nutrients, including hyaluronic acid, contained in the bones are released into the broth.

Soy and soy products help raise hyaluronic acid levels in your body. Simply throw some tofu in a salad, stir-fry soy chunks with a few veggies or nibble on them as a snack for a healthy and skin-loving snack.

Citrus fruits are not just great for your overall health, but also play a huge role when it comes to delivering your body with natural hyaluronic acid. Consume fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, bananas and tomatoes to ensure that your skin looks soft, supple and youthful.

Leafy green vegetables are a great natural way to deliver some hyaluronic acid to your body and that's another reason why you need to eat your greens more often. These foods help to flush out toxins from your body and deliver your skin with the essential nutrients to keep it soft and glowing.

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