Removing Eye Makeup

If you are anything like me, which I am sure you are because you are reading this, then the thought of eye makeup makes you cringe with the process of washing your face, making sure you aren't putting mascara on your favorite white towel and ensuring you got it all off so you don't get it all over your pillow when you sleep! 


This was created out of the need for something to be put on to remove my eye make up in one to two simple swipes with an added wrinkle fighting benefit.



As usual, our products are created with easy to understand ingredients. These are all made in small batches to ensure highest quality. 


Just put a bit on a cloth, which we include, then swipe over eye then turn cloth over to mop up any extra makeup. There is a bit of oil still leftover, this is good. This is what will absorb into your fragile skin around your eyes. 


We would love to know what you think below in the comments along with any questions that you have.

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