Collection: Tea Blends

We offer our specially blended teas seasonally. 

We believe that tea is a sacred event and should be used for health benefits along with creating a private experience of bliss. 

We handcraft our teas in small batches just like our other products that we carry in our shop. Our herbs 🌿 are mostly grown in our shop. We only use sustainable and ethical sources. 


Springtime is our blend of Organic dried blueberries, organic hibiscus, organic green rooibos, organic cinnamon, organic calendula flowers and organic corn flowers.

Summertime is our blend of Organic rosehips, organic dried cherries, organic cinnamon, organic dried coconut, and organic calendula flowers.

Falltime A festive caffeine-free blend of harvest fruits and flowers with autumn fruit and spice flavors, representing citrus peels, cranberries, apples, rooibos, cinnamon, cloves and rose hips.

Wintertime is our blend of Organic cinnamon, organic hibiscus, organic dried coconut, organic peppermint, organic corn flowers.